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Protack, llc is a dynamic and reliable asphalt spraying company based in the heart of Morris, Illinois. We are actively involved in applying bituminous prime and tack coats to various road projects and are committed to the different needs of our customers throughout the Midwest.
ProTack, the asphalt spraying experts. We spray tack coats, non tracking tack coats, longitudinal joint sealant, prime coats and other spraying applications.
Asphalt Spraying Experts
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ProTack is a family business that provides reliable asphalt spraying throughout the U.S. A company based in the heart of Morris, Illinois, along with our other facilities throughout the midwest, we spray bituminous prime and tack coats to various road surfaces and construction projects.  ProTack guarantees to deliver quality products and services that are within budget and on time, every time.  Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call. 

Non-Tracking Tack Coats
Aggregate Prime
Bituminous Prime
Asphalt Sealers
Rapid Penetrating Emulsion/ Hot Mix Corrective Measure
Berm Containment Spray
Slope Wall Spraying


Our team travels throughout the Midwest in order to supply customers with the best quality service. Our company is built on the principle that our customers needs are our number one priority. We are dedicated to making sure you receive excellent results every time at a reasonable cost. We take pride in our superior workmanship which earns high customer satisfaction, repeat business, and great recommendations. ProTack has the tools necessary to complete small or large projects. 


We are more than happy to deliver you the best service and quality in the industry. 

about protack
Tack coat spraying is meant to be an adhesion to the road to keep it from slipping. We spray the best in the midwest!


Not only do we distribute our asphalt spraying services with pride and care, we also demand the highest quality asphalt products in the market. Our customers can rest assured that we are using only the best when it comes to their roads. 


ProTack is a proud member of the Illinois Road & Transportation Builders Association Sustainability Council. The council is devoted to developing an environmental conscience while designing and building sustainable infrastructure. We encourage everyone to check out more information about IRTBA's Sustainability Council. Consider joining us with these industry leaders in establishing and implementing sensible, sustainable, and innovative practices.

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Main Office


Phone: 815-585-7111

Fax: 815-585-7123


Physical Address

1370 Bungalow Rd

Morris, IL 60450

Billing Address

PO Box 649

Morris, IL 60450

Looking ot join our team? 

Visit our employer website here.

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