Tack Coats

Protack, llc specializes in tack coat applications as well as prime, PEP and dust control. We ensure that our customers are 100% satisified with every project we spray. A tack coat is important for a road project because it acts as an adhesive and “glues” the asphalt overlay to the asphalt layer below.

 We quote Dave Johnson from The Asphalt Institute: "Pavement bonding is essential to quality pavement performance. Selection of an appropriate tack coat material, applied in the recommended ranges, provides the glue necessary to the pavement for bonding.” and we couldn't agree more. We want you to succeed when it comes to your road projects. So invest in your road today, and give protack a call.


Download Our PDF Flyer On Tack Coats

Download Our PDF Flyer On Rapid Penetrating Emulsions


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Protack llc asphalt spraying such as tack coats, bituminous prime and longit. Spray multiple road surfaces for municipalities, towns, cities and more throughout the midwest